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Conjurations is a zine of the Conjured Games Discord Community. Parts of the Process is the third installment and features two original GM-less TTRPGs, a mini game, a deep dive into a community member's long form game, and original cover art by Alex Sterneckert

Inside Conjurations: Parts of the Process you will find:

  • Dumas: The Duel: The first of a series of mini games as part of the Dreams and Destinies project. Narrate a tense duel in the 18th century as the Challenger, the Challenged or a Second in a tricky trick taking game.
  • BRPG: A GM-less rules-lite setting-agnostic narrative RPG with a bag of tokens in blue, red, purple and gold. Shape regions, assets and even truths and manage them through your Avatar.
  • Pondpunks: A GM-less game about amphibians rebuilding their community. Welcome to Amphibia, Punk, and enjoy a rules set borrowed from Engine SRD, alternating between community and character level play. Original art by Yipsy1217.
  • Dice of Illuria: An in-depth investigation of dice in general and in Isles of Illuria. Follow Tela as she barely escapes. Original art by Ewerton Lua.

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